Hibachi Entrees

Please do not hesitate to make customized dish requests
Hibachi (meat) Entrees are served w. 2 shrimp, please ask if you would like them removed from your Hibachi order.
Served with Onion Soup, Salad, Hibachi Vegetables, Fried Rice
Hibachi Vegetables 14.00
Hibachi Chicken 17.00
Hibachi Steak 21.00
Hibachi Salmon 21.00
Hibachi Shrimp 21.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon 23.00
Hibachi Scallop 24.00
Hibachi Twin Lobster Tail 29.00

Hibachi Combination

Hibachi Chicken & Steak 21.00
Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp 21.00
Hibachi Steak & Shrimp or Scallop 23.00
Hibachi Shrimp & Scallop or Salmon 23.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon w.
choice of shrimp, scallops, or chicken
Hibachi Lobster Tail w.
choice of steak, shrimp, scallops or chicken
Hibachi Lobster Tail & Filet Mignon 29.00